Thursday, January 14, 2010

A New Year.....A New ME????

Ok so it is mid- January now and I have finally tried to start on some of my New Year resolutions. It took a while to get up the motivation:) Hell it took over a week just to unpack my giant suitcase after getting back from Christmas in London and New Years in good ol' Wisconsin. Here it goes anyway...

Resolution #1
Eat Better---I have been cooking more---made scallops for the first time ever on Tuesday. Who knew they only take 10 Mins. I used Barefoot Contessa's recipe for Scallops Provencal. They were delicious even after I substituted margarine for butter. Which is better for you anyway anymore?? I can't remember now... Is margarine better than butter or not?...oh well.

Resolution #2
Work Out More--- This goes with Resolution #1. My sister recommended Jillian Micheals: 30 Day Shred. Well, the DVD was still in the Barnes and Noble Bag and in plastic wrap up until this Monday collecting dust. I bought the DVD mid-December in anticipation of my holiday eating habits. I am still on Level 1 for the 4th day but going strong:)

Resolution #3
Be a Little Less of a Mess---well being a mess could mean a lot of things. Pick up the apartment more, do the dishes, vacuum, maybe spend a little more time on my appearance, hair, make-up etc ummmm haven't quite gotten anywhere with this.

Resolution #4
Take Time to be a Little More Creative--- I need to explore the hobbies I love more often, like sewing, photography, graphic design/illustration etc. The whole point of me starting this blog was to have some type of outlet for all my "creativity". Well, that hasn't exactly made me say, "Let's not watch the Grey's Anatomy / Private Practice Crossover Event tonight and instead write some poetry!"

So to help with the 4th and last resolution, my first creative project of 2010 is to make a crazy vest to wear this spring... I have a general idea in mind, but I won't give away the whole design just yet.

This past fall the military trend was big, big, big and I think it will definitely carry over into spring, plus I am obsessed with pin stripes. Here are a few jackets/vests I love! And just if you didn't catch vest design may be slightly military inspired with STRIPES:)

This asymmetric cowl neck leather jacket I saw when I was in London at AllSaints by the Spitalfields Market. The leather is mushy and the brass closures up the front make this basic a definite statement piece. If it were only a little less expensive and in my budget. Oh well....

I didn't get to see this in person, only online. But I love the white and taupe stripes, large studs and frayed/distressed edges on this wool blazer at Free People. Looks so comfy!

Here are some stripes again on this Bolero Jacket at Top Shop. It has a clean-cut, uniform feel, with a zipper pocket detail! I would totally rock this with some hi-waisted pleated pants or leggings.

The last photos are Madison Marcus, which I pulled from Shop Bop. These are a little less military and a little more rock and roll. But I had to include them. The faded canvas vest with studs is a perfect transition to spring. The grey silk blazer with the dropped neckline is a great new yet "vintage" take on a blazer. Love the added attention to the welt pocket detail.... and it is GREY! I wear grey all the time:)

So anyway, I hope these few fashion finds will inspire you as much as they did me. I will keep you posted on my military vest creation. By the time I am done, I may have a whole uniform for combat this Spring and ready to tackle my #3 resolution!

Best of luck on your resolutions too,

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