Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Color to the Cold

So recently, I have been watching a lot of the 90's show "Northern Exposure," which I got off of Netflix. I use to watch this show a lot when I was little with my mom and still love it. It is set in Cicely, (sounds like Sicily), a small city in Alaska. For me, this series epitomizes what America is. I love how all the characters feel authentic, making you as a veiwer feel as if you know them and may even live in Cicely yourself. I especially love the argumentative yet flirty relationship between fish-out of water doctor from NYC Dr. Joel Fleischman and independent feminist local bush pilot, Maggie O'Connell.

I am half way thru season 2 now on my netflix dvds, always sympathizing with Ed and gushing over Chris (played by John Corbett), and I started to notice all the different colors in the landscapes of Alaska and the functional yet fashionable wardrobe of this small town. Originally airing in the 90's, it definitely inspires some of the fall/winter fashion trends of this season. I especially enjoyed a lot of the bright color trends of the early 90's mixed with the need for function in a cold, rural landscape. I pulled a few photos, which remind me of Northern Exposure and the Alaskan culture / way of life---bringing color to the cold...

These looks are from the Marc by Marc Jacobs Fall 09 Collection on style.com.
I love the bright tartan prints layered with the washed and indigo blues. The jackets have a fitted menswear look, reminding me of Maggie in a way. How can the heavy fur boots not scream Alaska!

The moss color "lift off" jacket from Daughters of the Liberation (left), cotton checkered tunic (center), beaded wooded clasp belt (right) can all be found at Anthropologie.
I would love this look layered with some black leggings, long grey wooly knee-high socks, and heavy black army boots. The pattern of the belt clashing with the checker print of the dress adds just a little bit of whimsy and fun.

These last looks are from Gina Michele on Etsy! The first two looks have the color pops of the early 90's. I loved the criss-cross pattern on the oversized sweater (left). It looks warm and happy. The rainbow wrap sweater cinched at the waist is my ode to Shelly on Northern Exposure, who is a young spunky waitress who always serves advice with a side of fries and a beer. Last, I love the navajo pattern on the handbag (right), I might just have to get this myself!

After reviewing these photos, can you tell I have a thing for red:) This makes me want to sew the buttons back on my vintage red and black buffalo plaid hunting jacket so I can wear it out:)

I hope you enjoy!


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  1. Love those Marc Jacobs looks, I am really inspired by lots of layers at the moment (plus it's the best way to keep warm in winter! haha)And the whole red and grey palette works so well.
    I have been to Alaska twice, and it is so unbelieavbly cold there in winter!