Monday, February 1, 2010

Welcome to Planet Gaga

Ok so last night, I watched the 2010 Grammy's. The Grammy's is my favorite award show. Not only do I love, love love music....I love, love, love CRAZY fashion. Everyone was waiting in anticipation to see what Lady Gaga would wear.....and in my opinion she made an incredible statement as always. Created by Armani, she appeared at the Grammy's, beamed down from Planet Gaga. I am curious to know what these dresses are made out of, because they are definitely not from planet earth! I pulled these images from Check out this site for more crazy Gaga and Grammy photos!

I will have to say, I felt sorry for the guy sitting behind her......his view was slightly obstructed:)

So in honor of Planet Gaga and the out-of-this world theme, I thought I would post a few costumes I made while in school.

Do you think this is Gaga-esque? It is made from white, black. and grey duct tape and screen material you use for windows. All purchased at Ace Hardware.

This I like to call my "Mushroom" dress. It is make from novelty fabrics, stuffed with poly-fill for shape.

Using Lady Gaga as a muse, you can go crazy!! Maybe I should break one of these looks out for Halloween next year!

Before, I end this post, I wanted to highlight a blog I have just discovered called, Clothes, Cameras, and Coffee. I not only love this blog for the title, Roz has very interesting posts, not only insightful when it comes to fashion and art, but life too. Visit her blog to see all of her DIY fashion projects. She definitely inspired me.


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  1. oooh i love lady gaga's outfits! they're not my style, but i appaluad her creativity and fearlessness