Monday, November 9, 2009

My Bow Necklace

So this post is long overdue... I finally made my bow necklace. I went to M&J Trimmings here in NYC to find some nice ribbon. Originally, I wanted a navy ribbon with white swiss dots. However, I could not find anything close. So I opted for my two favorite colors this fall--black and chartreuse. I got silk ribbons which are a little more expensive but drape and tie beautifully.

The first step is to cut the tails of the bow. These are around 3.5 to 4 inches long in length. Cut the top of the tails off at an angle so the tails will angle outward when you secure the tails to the chain for the necklace. Each tail should be a mirror image of the other. So if you are using a ribbon with different print on the front than the back, remember to cut the angle appropriately for each tail.

Then fold over the angled end of the tail twice and press with an iron. This will be the casing that the chain with lay in. Do this for both pieces I used pins to hold fold while I pressed it with an iron.

Then, lay the chain under each fold and arranged tails so that they meet in the middle with a little overlap. Hand stitched the casings closed on the back side using small stitches. Tails should look as below secured to chain of necklace.

The next step is to create the bow that will lay on top of the tails. I used the wider black ribbon and a chartreuse color ribbon half the width. Here, instead of tying a real bow, make a fake bow--Laying two loops of ribbon, wider layer (black in back) and thinner ribbon (chartreuse on top). Secure each of the loops together by overlapping the ends and hand stitching them together. This over lap should lay on the back side of each loop in the center. To secure the loops together and create a center knot to the bow, wrap both loops at their centers in the thinner ribbon. This will cause the loops to gather on each side and form a pretty bow. Hand stitch the ends of the "center knot" together on the back side.

Now, stitch the backside of the bow at the center not to the top of the tails where they overlap. Make sure when stitching bow here to go thru multiple layers of center knot with the needle so that bow is secure to tails. Then stitch each bow loop on back side to tails so that bow loops do not droop when the necklace is worn. Try the necklace on to see if the bow needs any additional tacks to secure it and make it drape appropriately so you get the desired look you want. See my end product:) Luv it!

Here is a picture I attempted to take of myself wearing it, using my blackberry and a mirror.

Here is another image of it on my dressform with a cool felt hat I got from Forever 21 last year. Now all I need are some long satin gloves...very Audrey Hepburn:)

Definitely a fun project, especially if you are looking for a cool way to accessorize a casual T-shirt or a little cocktail dress. This works for both.

Let me know if you decide to make your own bow necklace!

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